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Welcome To Efficacy Construction Company Limited
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About Us

Modern, Professional, and Affordable.

Our Mission

To provide professional services that exceed client’s expectations with high returns on investment for our stakeholders

Our Vision

To be the preferred engineering, property development, and project management company committed to delivering quality, timely and cost-effective services

Our Quality Policy

Efficacy Construction Company is committed to achieving full customers satisfaction by understanding their requirements and providing on-time development of projects and products at the right price 

Efficacy Construction Company Limited is a Lagos Nigerian-based leading Building Construction Company that has over the years emerged to be a formidable and enviable construction firm in the real estate sphere. Through its productive journey of twelve years, the company has relentlessly grown to be committed to meeting and satisfying one of the most fundamental desires on the hierarchy of human needs, Shelter. A feat we have achieved through persistent accountability, excellence, reliability, and efficiency since conception.

The company emerged amidst the storm of the 2009 economic recession, maiden with sales of landed properties to friends and families, and is still standing firm with both feet on the ground amidst the tide of the current economic situation in Nigeria.

Having observed the progressive soaring of our human and resource capacity, we have merged our Real Estate and Engineering Business arm with Efficacy Construction Company Limited(E.C.C.L). Evidently, we have an unarguable historical landmark of profit maximization during economic recessions, a trait that has led to our emergence in the construction sphere despite the ongoing recession in Nigeria.

We have through our productive journey of over eight years emerged to be a formidable and enviable construction firm in the real estate sphere.



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Respect For Individual

At Efficacy Construction Company, we respect our clients. We honor our contractual agreements. We listen to complaints and ensure we answer all enquiries and questions in relation to the services we deliver. For us, no enquiry is foolish; it only needs clarification for better working understanding.

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At Efficacy Construction Company, excellence is not just a word; it is a practice our work gives credence to. Etched on our work is the mark of excellence. Excellence for us does not just mean delivering project, but delivering it in the most cost effective, qualitative and timely fashion.

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Accountability is one of our watch words. We take responsibility for our service. We make use of project resources in the most efficient way to deliver the most efficient projects. e never leave our contract ambiguous and always make efforts to align our service delivery with contract agreement. We honour our agreement.

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Efficacy Construction Company is known to provide leadership to all. We know you require our leadership through the provision of professional advice that makes decision taking about projects and less risky. This is why we pay attention to external leadership, but also to internal leadership. We provide leadership for all our employees to deliver the best for you.