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Company Retreats

For every quarter in a business year, we converge together as a working unit to review, re-train, evaluate and strategized. Seasoned professionals and experts are invited to take us through the series of training to make us better positioned to achieve the goal of the company.

Exceeding Expectation

The M.D Efficacy Construction Company, Dr. Oyeleke emphasizes on meeting up to expectation and exceeding in the discharge of our duties and deliverables.

Improving your Performance

A seasoned HR Expert talked to us about how every staff is a performer in a company, however, some performance are detrimental to the company’s goal and expectations.

Importance of Savings

Drilled by a Financial Adviser to change our mindset: that you don’t save for the rainy days but for better days, pointing out why it is so  essential to save money both as an individual or an industry. 


Customer Satisfaction

Attending to interested client in a Workshop at Lagos Island, Nigeria. In Efficacy Construction, Customer Satisfaction is pivotal in our business pursuit.

As a Company, we don’t just sell properties, we tend to know from prospect what makes them feel at home and comfortable; we sell emotions by listening more than prospecting.

We understand our client’s expectation, as company we strive to exceed this expectations and this we do by retooling our Customer Service unit in our Cooperate Governance and Real Estate department.

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