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Among the attributes for successful projects, one of the pillars of the construction project delivery process is the management of quality. A project that doesn’t meet up with the stipulated quality standard cannot be termed “successfully delivered”. For the successful delivery of a construction project, the project must possess these three attributes:

  1. Cost-effective,
  2. Timely, and
  3. Quality efficient.

This article points out the Three attributes for successful projects and the importance of quality maintenance in the construction industry.

The maintenance of quality in the construction industry is regulated by the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems (although this standard is not limited to the construction industry alone).

The ISO 9001 is the globally acceptable quality management system. ISO 9001 sets out the criteria for a quality management system and it is the only standard in the family that can be certified (although this is not a requirement). In line with the ISO standard the specification set out by each professional in the building industry helps to ascertain the required standard for materials, equipment, and manpower required for each activity in the construction process.

The project specifications document tends to relay the quality expected of construction materials, processes, and pieces of equipment. It generally spells out the quality standards for the project and by reference becomes a part of the contract between the project owner and the contractor. The specifications usually reference some standard, such as ASTM, ANSI, ACI, AWS, etc.

With the generation of standards comes a need to ensure these standards are adhered to. The Quality Control Officer must ensure these laid down standards/specifications are adhered to. These are often achieved by routine site inspections and adhering to the Quality Control/Assurance Plan.

Three attributes for successful projects

The Quality Control Plan defines how the contractor expects to manage the quality requirements of the project as defined by the specifications while the quality assurance element defines the steps the contractors will take to ensure it.

The need to ensure quality is adhered to in order to meet the requirement for site supervision.

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