Anchor of the Efficacy Realtors' Strategic Session

The Realtors’ Strategic Meeting event started with the introduction and welcoming of our various realtors’ groups and individuals, who have been an integral part of the Company.  

The Corporate Affairs Manager proceeded to introduce the Managing Director of the Company, the person of Dr Oyeleke Ajiboye.

Introducing the MD of Efficacy Construction Company- Dr Oyeleke at the Realtors’ Strategic Meeting

The introduction covered different aspects of Dr Oyeleke’s life like his early life, and educational background (which was beyond impressive) as this blew the minds of our realtors, and the introduction also covered the birth and growth process of Efficacy Construction Company Limited.

At the Realtors' Strategic Meeting
The Corporate Affairs Manager, Barr. Mrs Bunmi (Left) introducing the M.D

After all introductions, the next order of agenda was to allow our realtors to share their various experiences working with Efficacy Construction Company. This stage was really insightful and informative, as different realtors shared their working experiences with their peers.

Miss Joy Taiwo and a realtor partner at the Realtors' Strategic Meeting
Happy realtors.

The event then progressed to the next stage where our realtors can share any complaints they have or have received from their clients about the project or with interacting or working with Efficacy Construction Company and its staff, so we could brainstorm on these complaints and offer explanations and also proffer solutions to them. The MD, Dr Oyeleke Ajiboye responded to these complaints himself and was able to address every challenge, complaints and everyone was satisfied.

M.D, Efficacy Construction Company Dr Oyeleke proffering solutions to realtors’ complaints

The whole ambience and energy of the event were superb and it was obvious to everyone in attendance, maybe It was about the one-on-one interaction. Our realtors were ecstatic to learn that Efficacy Construction Company is committed to doing more than we’ve been offering, going above and beyond for our clients and realtors.

The next stage was getting realtors’ inputs on how Efficacy Construction Company can do and serve better. A lot of suggestions were made, which were duly noted. It was invigorating to get new ideas and perspectives.  

Realtor making her suggestion Realtors' Strategic Meeting
A realtor voicing out her suggestion at the Realtors’ Strategic Meeting.

The conference offered us a unique opportunity to ascertain the temperature on the industry’s perspective of where we’ve been – and where we’re going. We’re pleased to share that if our interactions are any indication, the Company is in great shape and is well prepared to handle any challenges that may spring up. With a future-forward outlook, we are leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit to deliver nothing short of the best.

two realtors brainstorming at Realtors' Strategic Meeting
Realtors brainstorming


  • Communication (email response time).
  • No uniform information from different realtors selling for Efficacy.
  • Clients are not always followed up on by the Company.
  • Site engineers are not forthcoming with adequate.
  • Long wait at the office for documentation.
  • Bad roads to some of the estates, particularly peak bungalow phase 3.


  • Improved customer service team.
  • Only share information got from Efficacy
  • Introduction of scheme/estate officers.
  • Call the office for any information needed.
  • Introduction of scheme/estate officers.
  • Will be done before the completion of the estates.


In the construction and real estate industry, with so many negative connotations surrounding it, we always appreciate the kind words about our work from the realtors we work with! 

Especially in a time when everyone is so busy that little things likely go unthought of as anything more than business as usual for us; these thoughtful words begin to mean so much more! Thus, we thought to share some of the commendations we received from our realtors during the strategic session.

  • Timely delivery.
  • Efficacy keeps to its promise.
  • New NHF Mortgage plan that is working adequately.
  • Quality work and materials.
  • Timely communication of information by representatives of the Company.
  • Dedication to projects.
  • Cost-effective housing.
  • Clients’ interests at heart and realtors’ welfare.

In conclusion, by attending this strategic meeting, our realtors were not only exposed to new professional opportunities but also renewed their energy and focus. The event left everyone feeling refreshed not only from the refreshments but also from an afternoon well spent bouncing ideas off one another.

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