10 Best Places To Live in Nigeria

10 Best Places to Live in Nigeria Today

10 Best Places to Live in Nigeria Today

What do you see or hear about Nigeria when you turn on your favorite international news channels? News of violent crimes, kidnapped schools girls, extra judicial killings by security forces and the ever the presence of murderous Boko haram terrorist group.

All of the above and more is enough to scare people away from Nigeria, the land of promise and boundless opportunities. Nigeria is not just Africa most populous black nation on earth but also home to the continent fastest growing economy and most innovative tech city Lagos.

For the sake of those considering a relocation to Nigeria for one reason or the other not knowing the right place to reside best on different indices which includes but not limited to


  • Availability/access to needed infrastructure
  • Employment opportunities
  • Good transportation system and road networks
  • Thriving and affordable real estate
  • Working health care system and security of life/property

Below we have listed the 10 best places to live in Nigeria in no particular order.



Lagos One of the 10 Best Places to Live in Nigeria

Looking for a place bustling with life from sunset to dusk? One filled with endless opportunities and fun, with both the good, the bad and the ugly in equal measure? Then look no further.

Despite its shortfall, Africa fastest growing city and Nigeria/Sub-Sahara Africa biggest economy is the place to be. Nigeria commercial capital which has a functioning government, government that spends huge sum every other year on its critical sectors (health security and education) is a city like no other, the one you see and feel as soon as you step into its shores.

Separated by water bodies into two main parts (Island and Mainland) In south western part of Nigeria, Lagos is Nigeria industrial and commercial hub and one of the three currently recognized mega cities in Africa. Lagos have no equals in terms of industrial presence in all sectors of the economy, employment opportunities, access to basic human amenities , good road network, real estate and tourist attraction.

Lagos also boast of many beautiful coastlines, bursting nightlife and presence of sophisticated local/international brands that fills its business district and mails.



Abuja - One of the 10 Best Places to Live in Nigeria

In sharp contracts to Lagos in terms of its diversity, the chaos of its hustlers, Abuja Nigeria seat of power is a well-designed city and houses all of the nation decision makers. From the President to the Federal lawmakers, all of the nation’s heads of security agencies and ministers that oversees the nation infrastructural development.

The presence of these men of power, ensures that Abuja ticks almost all the boxes in terms of provision of organized security structure, access to human basic amenities (water, housing and health), good road networks, leisure centers and all other social amenities that makes a city thick.

All of the above, makes Abuja a gravitational force, which pull Nigerians and foreigners alike of all class (the super-rich, the rich, the not so rich and the poor) racing into it for various reasons. Whatever be your reason, Abuja it’s a sure destination you wouldn’t want to miss.



Enugu One of the 10 Best Places to live in Nigeria

Popularly known as the coal city and with it code name 402, Enugu the capital city of Enugu state in southeastern Nigeria, is one destination you won’t regret berthing at.

Filled with a vibrant youthful population as a result of the presence of several institutions of higher learning within and near the city, Enugu is home to the famous Nigeria coal mine, the former capital city of post-colonial Eastern Nigeria and houses the final residence of igbo’s beloved Ikemba 1 of Nnewi Chief Emeka Ojukwu and many of famous Nollywoods creative minds.

Enugu has its fair share of everything that matters to anyone who want to relocate to a beautiful, secured, serene and functioning city in Nigeria.

From its numerous tourist attraction ( Nike Holiday resort , the coal mine, waterfalls, caves and hills ) to its well-planned road network, estates, civil service culture and the presence of Nigeria security apparatus in full measure, Enugu is indeed a place to be.



Calabar Nigeria One 10 of the Best Places to Live in Nigeria          

How can one begin to describe Calabar, its people, their rich culture and its beautiful environment?. Even those within Nigeria shores, but haven’t visited Calabar, are in awe of everything it represent.

Calabar is not called the peoples paradise for the sake of it, Calabar has a lot to offer anyone that berths on its shores. Looking for a serene secured environment, a city filled with fun, tourist attraction and one good for family? then Calabar is it.

Calabar the capital city of Cross River State south south Nigeria, is home to the popular Obudu Cattle Ranch, Tinapa Resort and a free trade zone alongside international airport and functioning sea port that attends to different businesses. It’s a sure place for one who is family oriented and one looking for both business and pleasure.



Not far from Calabar is Uyo the capital city of Akwa Ibom State and one of the nation major oil producing states and located in the area known as Niger Delta.

Uyo has witness a lot of tremendous growth in different sectors of its economy especially since the advent of democracy governance in Nigeria and boast of quite a sizeable presence of expatriate base on its status as an oil producing state.

Uyo now boast of many leisure and human development facilities of international standard which includes but not limited to Ibom connection and hotels like Le Meridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort and The ibom Tropicana and Entertainment center. Uyo also boast of an ultra-modern sport facility The Godswill Akpabio International stadium a 30,000 seater stadium, the Ibom specialist hospital and the world class Ibom e-library.



Ibadan One of the 10 Best Places to live in Nigeria

The self-styled biggest city in West Africa and commonly referred to as the ‘ancient city’ of Ibadan, is one of the best place to live in Nigeria.

Located in South western part of Nigeria and the Oyo state capital, Ibadan is a densely populated city with loads of tourist attraction, higher institutions of repute (University of Ibadan (formally the University College Ibadan) and Africa first University teaching hospital and is 45 minutes away from Nigeria commercial capital Lagos with many real estate and property development springing up along its path.

The city boast of good road networks, beautiful and well secured estates, both local and international shopping malls and a night life that fits different age groups.     



Owerri One of the 10 Best Places to Live in Nigeria

Looking for a city that boast of everything in equal measure? Bubbling night life, secured estates, good road networks, institutions of higher learning both state, federal and privately owned and a growing industrial sector? Look no further than Owerri the  Imo state capital city Southeast Nigeria.

Popularly known as the ‘Heartland’ Owerri, sits in the midst of the industrial city of Aba to the east, oil city of Port Harcourt to the west, coal city of Enugu to the south and Onitsha which houses the largest market in West Africa to the north.



Benin One of the 10 Best Places-to Live in Nigeria

This is one of the nation’s historical cities and home to the friendly people of Bini, Esan and  Afernai among its other ethnic group as well as being the capital city of Edo State South south Nigeria.

Agriculture is the dominant business venture here and the state itself is home to popular higher institutions both state, federal and privately owned.

The cultural inclination of Edo people means that the capital itself is filled with many tourist attractions including many popular festivals which includes The Igue Festival, Ekaba, Ukpe, Irua, Agiele, Ebomisi among others.


Nigeria other top destinations in terms of safety and availability of life essential resources are

Akure the Ondo State capital South West Nigeria, Asaba and also Warri both in Delta State South South Nigeria.

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